SERM reputation management

First of all, the service "Reputation Management" or "SERM" is needed by medium and large businesses, as well as individuals. The essence of the service is to build a "correct" or "clean" reputation based on a number of brand and auxiliary words ("Name", "Name LLC", "Name + reviews", "Name + negative", "Brand + reviews", etc.) in search engines and social networks.

What does the SERM service include

Working on an online reputation is a very large project that includes six important stages. These steps allow you to create a successful image of your company and establish communication with users
Internet reputation audit
The purpose of the study is to find the company's strengths and weaknesses, analyze marketing communications
Reputation control
If you respond to negative reviews on social networks and search results in a timely manner, you can maintain a good reputation
Working with reviews
You need to respond to negative reviews properly, show your new customers that you care about your product. Increase trust in the company
Monitoring and analysis
Monitoring and analysis of search results and social media. Monitoring of keywords and search engine results allows you to track your company's online reputation, identify shortcomings, and respond quickly to negative feedback. Social media monitoring will help you to anticipate negative online feedback and resolve misunderstandings at the stage of misunderstanding
Cleaning up the negative
At this stage, we displace negative mentions with the help of advantages. If we speak for a competitor's website with a negative review of your brand, we push it out of the search engine using our own methods
An integrated approach
Let your brand speak for itself. A good reputation is the key to success for every company

More than 75% customers read reviews about a company before making a purchase. Accordingly, if you don't control your online reputation, your business may lose most of its orders.

Our services

Reputation is something that every customer checks before making an order. A positive reputation will help to increase leads and build a serious company in the eyes of potential customers


  • Search engine monitoring
  • Social media monitoring
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Strategy development


  • Setting up an SMM strategy
  • Launch of advertising
  • Expanding the audience
  • Advertising with bloggers
  • Psychological analysis of the audience (fears and risks)
  • Creating and attracting new accounts
  • Comments and activity


  • Website development
  • Analysis of the target audience 
  • Working with comments
  • Website promotion
  • Website optimization
  • Increase audience reach
  • PPC advertising
  • Purchase of articles on portals
  • Writing comments
  • Creating duplicate sites and removing them from search


  • Monitoring of negativity 24/7
  • Classification is negative
  • Choosing a strategy for responding to a negative
  • Responding to negativity with bloggers or other leaders
  • Removing the negative (if possible)

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