Seo audit of the site

What is a website SEO audit?

An SEO audit of a website is a complete analysis of the site in accordance with the requirements of search engines, as well as for technical errors. Technical analysis allows you to implement a number of measures to eliminate various kinds of project errors that can become an obstacle to successful online promotion.

Audit and optimization of a website should be carried out both for already promoted and very young resources, especially before starting any work on search engine promotion.

When you need an SEO audit of your website

Online stores
landing page
Services and author blogs

When is SEO analysis of a website needed?

get more traffic from search
At the beginning of the creation
When creating a new website, most web developers don't worry about all the necessary SEO components. The main thing for them is to create a website that will meet the visual concept of the designers and the necessary functionality. This is what they are trying to achieve. After all, what's the point of making a beautiful, fast, user-friendly, and expensive website if you don't have the recommendations of an SEO expert? Now, before you accept the work from the developers (and ideally even before the website creation stage), you should conduct an SEO audit and take into account all the factors that are necessary for promotion in your region.
No audit has been conducted for a long time
We recommend conducting a website audit every year to help you save your budget in the future and accelerate your results.
Promotion without results
It is necessary to conduct an SEO audit of the site and find possible errors that prevent the site from being properly indexed to reach the top of the search engine. We analyze internal (sitemap, 404 errors, robot.txt, sitemap, duplicate pages, metadata, content, etc.) and external (backlink analysis, quality of donors, anchor text, etc.) factors.
Adjusting the strategy
For effective promotion, you need to adjust your strategy depending on the result, search engine updates, and competitors.

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