Setting up PPC advertising

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising in marketing (Pay per click or PPC) is a payment model in online advertising when an advertiser pays for each click on an advertisement. As a result of a click, users go to the landing page (which is advertised). A click is considered to be a user's transition to the landing page. The following networks are used for PPC promotion: search engines, teaser networks, and affiliate sites. Pay per click is a method of "saving advertising budget on irrelevant traffic and attracting potential customers". The purpose of pay per click is to save advertising budget on irrelevant traffic and attract the maximum number of potential customers.
Video advertising
Video advertising is used to create a company's image, promote services or goods, and provide information to increase sales
PPC Remarketing
Showing ads to users who have already visited the site, performed a targeted action on it, and interacted with posts on social networks
search engine
Reach users from search engines and increase your audience by promoting your brand
Display advertising
Visual advertising is focused on effectiveness and accessibility of perception. Visual advertising is based on the idea of creating a high-level image on a subconscious level

Advantages of contextual advertising (PPC)

Start getting pay-per-click customers right now
Launching the company
Quick setup of ads in Google Ads. From adding ads to replenishing your account and moderation, ads are displayed in 4-6 hours.
Flexible tools
Quick adjustments: change ads, increase the audience, simply add keywords and minus words.
Customization for the budget
In Ukraine, the price of contextual advertising can be different. Google Ads allows you to customize your campaign depending on your budget. In addition, you can also choose a method of optimizing conversion clicks.
Show your ads by key phrases, increase traffic, set up remarketing (for your audience that did not perform the targeted action).
Targeted advertising can be tailored to the most interested audience. Using a variety of methods and tools, we customize targeted advertising by age, location, interests, etc.
The result.
After the ads are moderated, clicks will start in the first 12 hours.

The process of setting up PPC

We will customize contextual advertising according to the needs of your business
  • Analysis of the target audience and key queries
  • Analysis of competitors' websites
  • Define the purpose and goals of your advertising campaign
  • Analysis and optimization of pages for advertising
  • Writing the right ad copy
  • Preparation of texts for ads
  • Buying a bonus for advertising and replenishing your account
  • Determining initial rates and passing moderation
  • Launching the company

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