Seo просування сайту в Чернігові

Послуга Seo просування сайту Чернігів

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Пошукове просування сайтів у Google є однією з ключових стратегій маркетингу в Інтернеті. Якщо ви є власником бізнесу у Чернігові, то важливо мати ефективну стратегію пошукового просування, щоб залучати більше клієнтів та збільшувати свій дохід.

Наша команда пропонує професійні послуги з пошукового просування сайтів у Google в Чернігові. Ми забезпечуємо повний комплекс послуг, який включає аналіз та вибір ключових слів, оптимізацію контенту та технічну оптимізацію вашого сайту, побудову посилань та багато іншого.

Our experienced experts know how to improve your website's rankings, drive more traffic, and increase conversions. We understand that every business is unique, so we create customized strategies that meet the needs of each client.

Seo план розвитку сайту в Чернігові

1 month of promotion

  1. Website audit. We check the state of external and internal optimization, find shortcomings, and fix them for the correct indexing of the site.
  2. Analysis of competitors. Relevant for all websites. We select the top 5 competitors and fill in a table with indicators: domain, age, number of inbound and outbound links, referring pages, pagerank, and other individual factors.
  3. Development of the semantic core. We try to cover all the keywords of the topic and clustering.
  4. Preparation of recommendations for copywriters, developers, and designers.
  5. Technical measures. We customize: robots.txt, sitemap.xml, website cache, protection against attacks, Search Console, Analytics, integration with external services. We add the website to Google My Business.
  6. We develop an individual content plan.
  7. We draw up a plan and dynamics for building up the backlink profile.

2 month of promotion

  1. Control over the implementation of technical audit changes.
  2. Creating a website structure. Relevant only for a new project. Extending the structure for sites with a history.
  3. Optimize categories, records, or products.
  4. Creating title + description meta tags. Writing breadcrumbs. Adding a FAQ.
  5. Publishing new content.
  6. Tracking of positions on the semantic core.
  7. Link building or crowd marketing.
  8. Purchase of article links.

3 month of promotion

  1. Analysis of website traffic and indexing.
  2. Website linking.
  3. Tracking behavioral factors. Working out weaknesses.
  4. Expanding the structure of the site.
  5. Crowd marketing.
  6. Purchase of article links.

4 month of promotion

  1. Link monitoring.
  2. Link building.
  3. Expanding the structure.
  4. Technical analysis of the website.

5-12 months of promotion

  1. In-depth analytics of the promotion results, updating.
  2. Updating the semantic core.
  3. Competitor analysis, implementation of SEO features.
  4. Working with external factors.
  5. Adjusting the promotion strategy.

What kind of work do we do?

Step-by-step goal achievement is the key to success
SEO audit
First, we audit the site (we look for errors in more than 100 factors and correct them for proper indexing), then we collect the semantic core, analyze the niche and competitors.
External optimization
Analysis of competitors' external links, development of a backlinking strategy, selection of donors, link building, and crowd marketing.
Internal optimization
We analyze the website: structured content and headings, meta tags, website speed optimization, security settings.
Content optimization
Analysis of uniqueness, proofreading, posting on LSI phrases and competitors in the top 10 results, writing labels (tags), increasing comments, writing meta tags. The content should be structured, unique, easy to read, and solve user problems.

An example of SEO promotion


Enter the title text

Start getting new customers from search engines now!

Benefits of SEO optimization

We will prepare a website to reach the top
Increase in traffic
Most traffic is on page 1 of the SERP - 80%, on page 1 - 28% clicks, on page 5 - about 7%. That is why it is so important to promote websites in the SERPs.
Improving the covariance
Search or organic traffic is the most effective compared to other types of traffic, as key phrases bring the target audience (TA) interested in a product or service to the website.
Free clicks from search
The owner does not need to pay for each click, as in contextual advertising (Pay Per Click), which is not always profitable. In Seo, we work for long-term results.
The right investments
Search traffic is the best type of basic traffic that will work for many months.

Ціни на SEO просування в Чернігові

The best solution for business owners
  • Competitor analysis
  • Collecting the semantic core up to 1 thousand
  • Website acceleration
  • Setting up protection against attacks
  • Internal optimization
  • Google Analytics settings
  • Content marketing 10 articles/month
  • Crowd marketing 10 placements/month
  • Collecting positions


  • Competitor analysis
  • Collecting the semantic core up to 3 thousand
  • Website acceleration
  • Setting up protection against attacks
  • Internal optimization
  • Google Analytics settings
  • Content marketing 20 articles/month
  • Crowd marketing 25 placements/month
  • Strengthening backlinks
  • Tracking backlinks indexing
  • Collecting positions
  • -
  • -
  • -


  • Competitor analysis
  • Collecting the semantic core up to 3 thousand
  • Website acceleration
  • Setting up protection against attacks
  • Internal optimization
  • Google Analytics settings
  • Content marketing 40 articles/month
  • Crowd marketing 40 placements/month
  • Strengthening backlinks
  • Tracking backlinks indexing
  • Forced indexing of backlinks
  • Forced website indexing
  • Setting up Google Shopping or PPC ads
  • Collecting positions



Від чого залежить вартість SEO просування сайту в Чернігові❓

Вартість Seo в Чернігові залежить від багатьох факторів: конкуренція в ніші, складність технічної реалізації робіт, обсяг робіт, терміни виконання, досвід та репутація SEO-компанії або фрілансера, та інші. В залежності від цих факторів вартість розкрутка сайту в Чернігові може коливатися від 10 тисяч до 100 тисяч гривень на місяць. Тому, перед вибором SEO-компанії або фрілансера варто зважити на всі ці фактори та знайти компанію або фахівця, який запропонує вам раціональну ціну за якісні послуги.

Why do you need website promotion consultations?❓

Website promotion consultations can help you understand how to improve your website's visibility in search engines and increase conversions. In addition, website promotion consultations can help you understand the reasons why your website is not achieving the desired results and how to fix them.

What is SEO and how it works on Google❓

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of a website to improve its position in search engines.

What factors influence website rankings in Google❓

The ranking factors include internal and external optimization, website structure, adaptability of the resource to mobile devices, usability and behavioral factors, and the number of useful pages,
the number and quality of inbound links.

How long does it take to promote a website on Google❓

The promotion time depends on many factors, including competition and the current state of the site.

When to expect results from Seo❓

Usually, results start appearing in a few months, but website promotion is a long process.

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